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Voiceover is often about art and artistry, but there is a science and technical side as well. Everything from files and file compression to editing audio and the software to run the business. And let's not forget about all those pesky computer problems.

If you struggle with the tech side of Voiceover or want to take some of the technical aspects off your plate, VO Helpdesk is here to help. VO Helpdesk supports VO's with the technical side of Voiceover, from production to business to computers. I am a full-time Voiceover myself so I deal with these things on a daily basis. I would love to help lighten the load of your technology burden so you can focus on being the best Voiceover you can be.

production systems

I’ll help you with all the systems and software dealing with producing voiceovers. From your daw to microphones, room noise isolation, audio editing and more. 

DAW Choices

DAW Walkthrough

Basic Audio Editing

Audio Processing

Room Noise Isolation Understanding Noise Floor

Choosing Microphones

Source Connect Install/Config

Business systems

I’ll help you with all the systems and software dealing with running the business side of things. This includes your CRM, billing, email, social media automation, and more. 

CRM Choices and Setup

Billing and Accounting

Custom Domain Email

Email Deliverability

Custom Domain for Web

Casting Site Updates

Website Updates

Social Media Automation 

computer systems

I’ll help you with all the systems and software dealing with your computer. Whether it’s PC or Mac, I’ll help with file compression, organization and backup. Sending large files to clients and any other pesky computer problems you have. 

Folder Organization and Backup

File Compression 

Saving and Naming Files

Transferring Large Files

Computer Choices

getting started in vo

If you’re thinking of getting into voiceover or you’ve decided but you’re not sure where to start, let’s talk. There are a few things it’s important you know. I’ll give you all my best advice for getting started on the right path, customized for you and your journey. 

Four Things You Must Know

Starting with Nothing

Finding a Good Coach

Acting/Improv for VO

Pros/Cons of Pay to Play/Fiver

VO Scams

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