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Corporate Narration

Corporate narration plays a crucial role in shaping the image and perception of a company. It is a powerful tool that allows businesses to communicate their values, mission, and brand story in a compelling and coherent manner. Through effective corporate narration, companies can engage their target audience, build trust, and differentiate themselves from competitors.

Corporate DemoDavid Jacobs
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Corporate Experience

David Jacobs brings decades of experience in corporate America to his work. David has worked in companies large and small in various capacities including marketing, sales, technical support, IT, and web development. David Jacobs understands corporate cultures and attitudes. He has written marketing and social media copy and has spoken to corporate audiences many times. 

Technical Expertise

With his years in technology and as a geek at heart, David Jacobs is particularly suited to narration on technical topics or containing technical terminology. David already knows most of these terms and exactly what they mean. This gives him the ability to deliver your message in just the right way. By presenting a well-crafted narrative, a company can humanize its brand and evoke emotions that resonate with its audience. This emotional connection fosters a sense of trust and loyalty.

A Human Voice for Your Story

In today's competitive business landscape, it's not just about offering a quality product or service but also about creating a unique and compelling story around it. David Jacobs would love to lend his voice to help tell your story. With his years of corporate experience and technical expertise, he is uniquely qualified to bring your message to life.

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