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Commercial voiceover is a fundamental component of modern advertising and marketing. It requires skilled voice actors who can effectively convey the desired message, connect with the target audience, and enhance the overall impact of the commercial.

Commercial DemoDavid Jacobs
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Authentic Storyteller

It's a universal human truth that everyone loves a good story. In our movies, books, and among friends around a campfire. So too the best commercial messages have a story. David Jacobs is always one with a story to tell and those who know him well have heard many of his personal stories. David loves discovering the story in commercial messages and bringing that story to life. Some of the most powerful storytelling is done with voice. David Jacobs would love to be your voice. 

Natural Friendly Voice

David Jacobs's voice is relaxed and natural. Some have described him as a friendly young dad next door. What is most important to David, however, is keeping it real. After he understands the story of the message, David will work to find the right vocal tone to best deliver the message to its intended audience. 

Creative Flexibility

David Jacobs is trained in traditional acting and improvisation at the Actors Lab in Portland, OR in addition to online workshops. This gives David creative flexibility to be able to convey your message in the most effective way. It also makes him highly directable. If you have something specific you need, David will work to understand your needs and deliver just want you want. 

Fun and Easy to Work With

If there is one thing David Jacobs has learned from his time working, it's to be easy to work with. David prides himself in a no hassle, easy experience for his clients. He has a service mentality and will go out of his way to ensure you have a great experience. David also believes work should be fun! In creative endeavors, the work is usually better when people are loose and enjoying themselves. So, let's get to work and have blast creating someone awesome for you!

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