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Voiceover adds a human element to online courses, making them more engaging, effective, and relatable for learners. It enhances the overall learning experience by providing narration, explanations, and guidance, which helps learners absorb and retain information. It also brings a sense of personal connection. When learners hear a human voice guiding them through the course content, it creates a more intimate and interactive learning environment.

eLearning DemoDavid Jacobs
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Experienced Instructor

Voiceover helps clarify complex concepts and instructions. Some topics in eLearning can be intricate or challenging to understand through text alone. By using voiceover, instructors can break down complex ideas, provide examples, and offer additional context that may not be apparent in written form. David Jacobs has always enjoyed teaching people, especially on technical topics where he is adept at making the complex easier to understand. David has taught at many of the companies he has worked at on topics such as a new software package and the procedure changes it entails. David Jacobs is known for clear, straightforward instruction. 

Easy on the Ears

eLearning Voiceover should be engaging and create a positive learning atmosphere. It should sound approachable, friendly, and enthusiastic. A warm and inviting voice encourages learners to stay engaged and actively participate in the learning process. David Jacobs has a naturally friendly voice and as a versatile voice actor, he can also be engaging at the same time. As voice style for eLearning is determined by the audience, David ensures he chooses the appropriate style for whom he is teaching. 

A Human Connection

At the end of the day, the most important thing is for the Voiceover to sound authentic and natural, resembling a conversational tone rather than a robotic or monotone voice. A natural delivery helps learners connect with the content on a personal level, creating a more engaging and relatable learning experience. David Jacobs brings his experience as a Voiceover trained in traditional acting methods to his eLearning reads. It has always been important to David to perfect his conversational voice and he has worked tirelessly to do so. 

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