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Dialing for Dollars

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Rotory dial telephone. David Jacobs Blog

The best strategy when it comes to Voiceover marketing is a multifaceted approach. Content marketing via social media, email marketing, Podcast, Networking, etc. But there's one other old school method you should not discount. The telephone.

Some people call it cold calling, which strikes fear into the hearts of many. You want me to call someone I don't know who is not expecting my call and talk to them? Yes. I've done cold calling in a few different situations and no it's not exactly fun. But recently I decided to suck it up and try it for my Voiceover business and I learned a few things.

First, I survived. No one bit off my head or yelled at me. In fact, everyone I called was quite nice. It just wasn't as hard or traumatic as you might imagine. I think a big difference is that it's harder to cold call for someone else, for their wants and needs. When you cold call for yourself, for your own wants and needs, it's a completely different feeling. I think people inherently trust and like soloprenuers out there hustling for themselves. Cold calling for myself felt good and right.

Second, when you send an email you pray it doesn't go to spam or is ignored. It's so easy to put off an email and then forget it. When you call, it's so direct. Unless you get voicemail, you're talking with the person directly right in the moment. There is nothing more immediate. You also usually get a pretty quick answer. Yes I might want to work with you or no. No waiting or worrying. Good or bad outcome there is something very satisfying about that.

Third, sometimes you can be lead to something you didn't expect. I called a realtor about home tour voiceovers and was told their videos were actually produced by another company. They gave me the name and I called this production company that was never on my radar. How many people would have bothered to return my email with this information? Probably not many but on the phone it's quick and easy to give it not to mention polite. People are more likely to take a moment and help you when they are talking to you rather than having to to send an email.

So shake off your fear and pick up the phone. It's not hard or scary. You can do it and after five calls you'll wonder what all the fuss was about.

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