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An AI and I Wrote a Story

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

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I was messing around more with ChatGPT and decided to see if it could write a story. I started with one prompt and when it gave a response to that I gave it another to continue the story and another after that. It did indeed create a story. Now I did give it prompts that were similar to the Alien story as you will recognize but it did create a credible story. A perfect story ready for publication? Probably not, but a great start. My prompts are in bold below. Enjoy the story of the spaceship Gomer and its exploration of the mysterious Planet X. BTW, the image above was also created with an AI inside of Canva.

write the beginning of a story about the crew of the salvage spaceship Gomer who are sent on a secret mission to investigate planet X

The Gomer was a rugged salvage spaceship, well-equipped for recovering lost cargo from the far reaches of space. Its crew was a seasoned group of space-farers, each with their own unique set of skills and experience. They had been through many dangerous missions together, and had built a strong bond of camaraderie over the years.

Captain Samantha Lee stood at the helm of the Gomer, gazing out at the endless expanse of space. She was a tall, athletic woman with short-cropped hair and piercing green eyes. She was known for her cool head and steady hand in the face of danger, and her crew respected and trusted her implicitly.

"Captain, we've received a new mission briefing from HQ," said the ship's first officer, a burly man named Jake. "It looks like we're being sent to investigate a planet on the edge of known space. They're calling it 'Planet X.’"

Captain Lee raised an eyebrow. "Planet X? I've never heard of it. What's so special about this place?”

Jake consulted his tablet. "According to the briefing, Planet X is believed to be rich in valuable resources, but it's also highly unstable and dangerous. HQ wants us to go in and assess the situation before they send in any mining operations.”

Captain Lee nodded, her mind already racing with the possibilities. A mission like this could be extremely lucrative, if they could handle the risks. "Alright, let's get the crew together and brief them on the details.

We'll need to make sure everyone is prepared for what we might encounter on Planet X."

when they reach Planet X they discover hostile beings who want to kill them. continue the story

As the Gomer approached Planet X, Captain Lee could feel a sense of unease growing in the pit of her stomach. The planet was shrouded in a thick, toxic atmosphere, and the surface was scarred with deep craters and molten lava flows. It was clear that this was not a hospitable place.

"Scanning the planet for signs of life," said the ship's science officer, a young woman named Ava. "It looks like there are some basic forms of life on the surface, but nothing intelligent. No sign of any technology or civilization.”

Captain Lee nodded. "Alright, let's proceed with caution. We'll set down in one of the more stable areas and begin our reconnaissance."

As the Gomer descended towards the planet's surface, Captain Lee could see that the ground was teeming with strange, alien creatures. They were bizarrely-shaped, with elongated limbs and grotesque, pulsating bodies.

"What the hell are those things?" muttered Jake, as he stared at the creatures on the viewscreen.

"I have no idea," said Ava, studying her readings. "But they don't look friendly. Their biosigns are off the charts. They're highly aggressive and hostile.”

Suddenly, the Gomer was rocked by a series of loud explosions. "We're under attack!" shouted Jake. "Those things are firing at us!"

Captain Lee quickly took control of the situation. "Evacuate the ship! We need to get out of here before they destroy us!”

The crew quickly scrambled to their escape pods, launching them towards the surface of the planet. As they descended, Captain Lee could see that the hostile creatures were closing in on them, their eyes glowing with a malevolent intent.

"We need to find a way to defend ourselves," said Captain Lee, as she and the other survivors landed on the planet's surface. "We're not going to last long against those things.”

As the hostile creatures closed in, the crew of the Gomer realized that they were in a desperate fight for their lives. They would have to use all their skills and ingenuity if they were to survive on the deadly planet of X.

unbeknownst to the crew, one of the aliens has gotten aboard the ship and is ready to wreak havoc. continue the story

The survivors of the Gomer's crew quickly set up a makeshift camp on the planet's surface, using their ship's equipment to defend themselves against the hostile creatures. They worked tirelessly to fortify their position and gather supplies, knowing that their lives depended on it.

But unbeknownst to them, one of the hostile aliens had managed to sneak aboard the Gomer before they had evacuated. It was a small, agile creature, with sharp claws and a venomous bite. As the crew fought for their lives on the planet's surface, the alien moved silently through the ship, wreaking havoc wherever it went.

It was Jake who first realized that something was wrong. "Captain, I'm picking up strange readings from inside the ship," he said, studying his instruments. "It looks like there's something moving around in there."

Captain Lee frowned. "That's impossible. We evacuated the ship before we landed. Are you sure it's not just a malfunction?"

Jake shook his head. "No, I'm certain. This is definitely a living being. And it's moving towards the control room.”

Captain Lee's heart began to race. If the alien had control of the ship, they would be in grave danger. "We need to get back to the ship and stop it. We can't let it destroy the Gomer.”

With renewed determination, the crew set off towards the ship, fighting their way through the hordes of hostile creatures. They reached the Gomer and quickly boarded it, making their way to the control room.

As they entered, they saw the alien crouched over the controls, its sharp claws tearing at the machinery. It looked up at the crew with a snarl, baring its teeth.

"Get away from there!" shouted Captain Lee, as she and the others drew their weapons.

The alien hissed and lunged at them, but the crew was ready. They fought bravely, using all their skills and training to take down the alien threat. In the end, they were victorious, but not without heavy losses.

"We did it," said Captain Lee, panting and covered in sweat. "We saved the Gomer and ourselves. But we'll never forget the sacrifices that were made here on this deadly planet.”

The survivors of the Gomer's crew vowed to never forget the lessons they had learned on Planet X, and to always be prepared for whatever dangers lay ahead in the vast, unforgiving expanse of space.

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